Monday, April 20, 2009

A critter, a bug, and RENT

First thing I have to mention is that the little critter is out of the house. I was successfully able to capture him behind the stove and herd him towards the door. My cat is still walking around the house looking for it. (We think he is the one who brought it into the house in the first place.) Now, moving on, I saw Rent today!

There were many squeeling fangirls.

It was AMAZING! Yes, my seat sucked and there was a really tall person sitting two rows in front of me whose head blocked out the center stage the entire time, but it was still AMAZING. Now because I live in a world where I never know what is going on unless it's happening inside my head, I did not even realize two original cast members had rejoined for this tour. If you've seen the movie you have also seen them. Anthony Rapp played Mark (the guy with the camera) and Adam Pascal played Roger (the guy who lives with Mark and falls for Mimi). I, however, would fail if I did not mention the rest of the cast, who were also phenomenal. The set, oh my god, the SET! It was gorgeous. I'm always astounded when and entire show can all be performed with one set.

You can't really tell just how nice it was by this picture that was
obviously taken by breaking the rules.*

I highly recommend that you go see it. And read Anthony Rapp's book, it will just make you appreciate it, really all theatre, even more.

I went to see Rent with my Girl Scout troop. (Yes, I know this does not make me the coolest person on the planet.) Afterward, we went to eat dinner at [anonymous restaurant]. Here is why I am not posting their name. In a complete freak lettuce incident, a bug** ended up on a bun. It was very disturbing, especially because I was sitting directly across from the girl it happened to. Our conclusion was that it it somehow got tangled up in the lettuce and only fell out when she went to put ketchup on her burger. I believe that it was no way the restaurant's fault which is why I will not slander them by adding their name.

That was basically all that happened today. Tomorrow will be very uneventful, I promise.

*I was not the one breaking the rules (this time)
**It was dead