Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, which was not unlike Monday

It's Tuesday. Nothing happened. I fell asleep for a few hours after school and had McDonalds for dinner. That was about it.

In other news, today I have decided to start a new blog entitled "The Fat Girl Diary". For some reason I feel it will give me the motivation to lose weight. I think I'll start on that tomorrow. I've been thinking about something like this for a while and after reading Hayley's blog today, I felt like I needed to do something to start changing my life. So here's my list for self-improvement:

1. Treat my body better! Lose some weight, eat healthy, and exercise more.
2. Make an attempt to look nicer. Dress up once in a while and show people I'm a girl.
3. Be nicer to people! Just be a better friend and don't ignore people who are different.
4. Open up a little more. Tell people how I really feel and don't shut them out.
5. Work on my self-esteem. I should be proud of who I am.
6. Find someone special. =)

This was just a short post. Hopefully I'll have more to talk about tomorrow.

The Fat Girl Dairy